Recent Dinosaurs
Extinct millions of years ago?
Let carbon-14 testing be done.
Let C-14 determine when they lived.
How recently did the dinosaurs and pterosaurs live on this planet? Why not allow modern radiocarbon dating to continue to reveal the truth about when these wonderful creatures have lived?  If no C-14 is found in any of the dinosaur bones, in the new tests, then the previous positive findings may be questioned. ___________________________ Those attending the Paleochronology  lecture  were  thrilled,  at  the  2012 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting in Singapore. Details were given on many carbon-14 tests that had been done on dinosaur bones over a period of years. Those radiocarbon tests had been done on multiple samples from eight dinosaurs found in Texas and in Colorado and in Montana. What were the results? They were between 22,000 and 39,000 years old. What wonderful news for a world in such great need of good news! The presentation by the Paleonchronology group included many explanations for why contamination did not occur and why the results were genuine. The leaders of the geophysics meeting gave no objection to the presentation and had nothing negative to say on the astonishing discovery. But after the conference, the abstract of the carbon-14 testing presentation was removed from public view, censored by two  chairmen.  They  gave no warning and no particular objection to any particular point. They did not questions the participants. How sad! This is a plea for public support in convincing laboratories around the world, where carbon-14 testing is done, to allow such tests on dinosaur and pterosaur bones. Please do not stand  idly by  while  this  blatant censorship continues.
Quest for Discovering Living Pterosaurs
From the introduction in the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens and Finding God (fourth edition, by Jonathan David Whitcomb): “Responding to a strange idea by negatively labeling its advocate—that can blind us or at least blur the border between truth and error, even if our concept is better. When in human history has one person always been wrong? And when one pearl is found in the mud of an old oyster bed, expect another. . . . . “If each of us listens more thoughtfully to those with whom we have disagreed in the past, what an accomplishment! This is no “how to win friends” book, yet I will continue to keep that concept in mind as I write; please keep it in mind as you read. Each of us needs to listen—to learn to listen much better, for some of us.”
Eyewitness’s sketch of what he saw in Cuba, in 1971
Searching for Ropens and Finding God  will take you on a wonderful journey, a nonfiction quest for discovery living pterosaurs. Get your own copy of this unique cross-genre, available online. Learn the truth about these creatures that still fly, although mostly at night.